Welcome to the Site Launch Guide

Let's set up your LiveSchool system and get your staff excited to create your best school culture.

About this guide

Welcome to the LiveSchool Site Launch Guide! We're excited to help you launch an amazing school culture system this year.

This guide outlines all the major steps you'll take to set up your LiveSchool system, and then introduce it to your staff. We've structured each major step as a chapter, and you can work through these chapters on your own time.

This guide focuses on setting up your LiveSchool site, not on what teachers will be doing with LiveSchool. Check out our Teacher Quick-Start Guide to get an idea of the teacher-side of LiveSchool.

Note that every chapter might not be applicable to you — LiveSchool is a highly customizable system, so you may skip chapters that cover features you're not yet using.

⏰ Time Expectations

You should set aside 1 hour to go through this Launch Guide completely. You can do this in a single sitting, or break it into smaller sessions. Each Chapter should take about 5 to 10 minutes to complete on your own.

🧰 Supporting Resources

As you work through this guide, please refer back to the 3 key resources we've created for you, found linked below! Each of these important tools are made for you to copy and customize for your own needs.

The Launch Prep Worksheet

This worksheet will help you make foundational decisions about your LiveSchool launch in advance of configuring your program and introducing it to staff. Use this to design your system for launch and move faster through set up!

Teacher Training Slides

When you're ready to train your teachers, customize and present this slide template to help get them bought in and excited.

Student Intro

When you're ready to introduce LiveSchool to your students, customize and present this slide template to help them understand how your LiveSchool system will work for them!

💡One Last Thing...

Sometimes schools have intense protection over their internet security, which can unintentionally block LiveSchool in your building. Please ask your IT department to whitelist LiveSchool for optimal performance while you're getting set up.