Viewing Data About Your Rewards Store

Using the Rewards Scoreboard to view your most popular rewards, and download a list of who's purchased a specific reward.

View your most popular rewards

You can view your most popular rewards either by how many points students have spent on rewards, or by how many times students have purchased a reward.

Use the Rewards Scoreboard sorted from highest to lowest to view the rewards students have spent the most points on, and turn Weight by Points “Off” to view the rewards that have been purchased the most. 

In the example above, "Binders" are worth 10 points and have been purchased 24 times. With Weight By Points "On" you see 240 (10 points x 24 purchases), and with Weight By Points "Off" you see just the 24 purchases.

To learn more about Weight by Points, see our Introduction to Scoreboards article. 

The Weight By Points setting is remembered as you switch between Scoreboard types.

Download a List of Students Who Have Purchased a Reward

You can view a list of who has purchased a specific reward by clicking the number next to a reward on the Rewards Scoreboard. Doing so will take you to a filtered Timeline, showing you each time that reward was purchased.

You can view who’s purchased a reward as you’re recording rewards using our Fast Checkout feature. 

You can then click download to export a CSV with all of the data you see on the filtered Timeline. 

You can also use the Time Selector on Timeline to only download rewards purchased during a specific time frame. To learn more about Timeline, read our Introduction to Timeline article.