Tip 10

Add a Profile Picture

Make your school's LiveSchool space a friendly place to be by adding your picture!

Your profile picture will be displayed next to points you award on Timeline, as well as on student and parent accounts.

Click your initials in the top right corner of your screen, then the pencil icon to edit your profile picture. Select an image from your computer, facebook, or instagram, then Upload!

Tip 9

Award to All

Select all makes it easy to award your whole class or the majority of your class a point. Just click Select All, un-select students who aren't following expectations, then award your point like normal.

Tip 8

Student Search

You can award a point to any student in your school, and using student search is usually the quickest way to select them.

Click Search Students in the top right corner, and type a few letters of the student's name. You can search for and select multiple students if needed as well.

Apply the search, and you'll be able to select the students and award a point as normal.

Tip 7

Sounds & Popups

Sounds and Popups are a great way to engage students, and the audible "Ding!" helps remind students to be on their best behavior.

You can turn sounds & popups off if needed – first click more in the top right corner, then Display settings. On the display settings menu, under Sounds & Popups, you can turn off all sounds and popups by toggling "Mute" to on, or turn off sounds and popups for merits, demerits, or the randomizer individually.

Tip 6


The randomizer is a fun, fair way to select a student at random.

If you've used popsicle sticks in your class, you might like that the randomizer remembers students previously selected by the randomizer, and makes sure every student gets a turn before a student is selected for a second time.

Just click more then select Randomizer.

You can turn off sounds & popups for the randomizer individually using the steps from number 7 above.

If you select a group of students then run the randomizer, the randomizer will randomly select a student out of the group you selected.

To learn more about how to incorporate the randomizer, read our blog post: Spice Up Your Class with the Randomizer.

Tip 5

Add a (Saved) Comment

Comments are a great way to add extra details, or some words of encouragement or support.

From the rubric screen, click the comment button in the top right corner.

Add any text you'd like to include with the comment, and the comment will be recorded with the point.

Comments are visible to students and parents on their LiveSchool accounts and on Paychecks.

Save Comments for Later by clicking the checkbox on the comment screen. When you Add the comment for the first time, the comment will be moved to your Saved comments so you can add the comment to the point in two clicks in the future.

For some best practices for comments, check out our post 9 Tips for Better Behavior Comments.

Tip 4


It's simple to undo a point you've awarded by mistake – from the Points screen, click more in the top right corner, then select Timeline.

You'll see a list of your class's points, and can undo any of the points you've awarded with the red x.

If your school is using Paychecks, you can only undo a point recorded after your last Paycheck ran. If you need to undo a point before your last Paycheck ran, contact us and we'll be happy to help.

Tip 3

Student Timeline

A student Timeline is a great way to get a sense of how a student's day is going, and to look at details over time.

From Points, select a student, click more in the top right of your screen, then click Timeline.

LiveSchool will show you Timeline with a filter applied to only show that student's points. You can add additional filters for behaviors, the teachers that awarded the point, or the type of point by clicking the column names on Timeline.

To learn more about Timeline, view our Introduction to Timeline article.

Tip 2

Student Dashboards

A Student Dashboard is a great way to get an overview of a student's behavior.

To access a Student Dashboard, select a student, click the more button (3 dots), then click Dashboard.

You'll see totals of the student's points, a graph of their points over time, as well as the top behaviors the student is earning points for, the teachers awarding the student the most points, and the rewards the student has spent the most points on.

Click any of the numbers below the graph to drill down to the Timeline details.

You can create a PDF of student Dashboards as well. When you click Access PDF you can choose whether to create a PDF for just the student, each student in a specific roster or grade, or every student in the school.

To learn more about Dashboards, read our Introduction to Dashboards article.

Tip 1

Review Your Teacher Dashboard

Use your Teacher Dashboard to better understand your ratio of positive to negative points awarded, the students you're awarding points to the most, and more.

To access your Teacher Dashboard, go to Insights > Dashboards > Teacher.

You can change the time frame to review your points for the week, or for the month to spot more long-term trends. Click the calendar icon to change the time frame of the points you're viewing.

Your Teacher Dashboard is only visible to you and LiveSchool admins at your school.