House Points



Setting a Start Date

Set the start date for your first House Points competition, or launch a new competition mid-year.
Only admin users can set a Competition Start Date.

Start Date Controls the House Points Dashboard

The Dashboard will only show points earned on or after the start date.

For example, you can set the start date as the first day of school to show points earned for the whole year, or the first day of a new quarter if you want to "restart" the games and only show points earned during the new quarter.


Go to House Points


Click Options

STEPS 3 & 4

Choose a New Date and Your Dashboard Will Update for the Entire School

Do not click "Reset House Points" unless you'd like to reset house points to default settings but if you do, don't worry! You can re-link your house rosters to House Points using these steps.


Click Back to Return to the Main House Points Menu

A few other notes about start date:

  • Changing start date does not affect your data, only what's shown on the House Points Dashboard.
  • You can switch the start date at anytime, but it updates the Dashboard for everyone in the school.
  • Start date also works if you set a past date