Run Your Rewards Store

Checking bank accounts, charging students for rewards, and using our fast checkout feature.

Checking a Student's Bank Account

Students' Saved amount, a.k.a. bank account, are displayed on their button in Rewards.

You can also view students' Saved amount on the Students Scoreboard.

Charging Students for Rewards

Charging rewards works similarly to recording points – simply select the student(s), then the reward(s) you're charging the student(s) for, and submit! Students' bank accounts are automatically updated as their points are used toward rewards.

As your selecting rewards the student wants to purchase, you'll see the total for the items you've selected, and items they don't have enough points for will gray out so you can't overcharge students.

Fast Checkout

Our fast checkout feature is great if there's an item that the whole class wants to purchase, and possibly purchase multiple of (think raffle tickets).

Click fast checkout, choose a reward, and you'll see how many of the item each student has purchased under their Saved data bubble. You can charge everyone in the class for that reward, ask who wants to purchase another one, and continue until students have purchased all of that item that they'd like.

To download a list of who's purchased a specific reward, view our Optimize Your Rewards Store article.

Hiding Saved Points

Just like in Points, you have control over what's shown on the Rewards Record screen. Click Settings to turn off the Saved data bubbles, and you can change how students' buttons are displayed and sorted.

You can use your phone as a LiveSchool remote control if you want to project LiveSchool as you're running your store.