Record Your First Point

Learn to record your first point, and get ideas for incorporating points into your class routine!


Select a Roster

Once you're in Points, you can select a group of students from the Roster Picker. You can create rosters for homerooms, clubs, or any other group you see during the day.

Search for an individual student on any roster using the “Search” button.


Select Your Student(s)

Sometimes you want to give a Point to the whole class – we're all for that, and make it easy. 😃

A few tips on selecting students:

  • Select one or multiple students by clicking their student buttons
  • Click the "Select All" button to select all students and de-select students not following expectations
  • Click “Select None” to clear your selection at any time

Once your students are selected, click “Continue” to select the points you’d like to record.

Double click on a student (even with others selected) to automatically continue.


Choose Behaviors(s)

Welcome to your school-wide rubric! The LiveSchool Site Leaders at your school choose the behaviors on the rubric, and each teacher has the same rubric. This helps create common language and clear expectations for students.

A few notes about the Rubric:

  • Everyone can hide or show categories to customize their view of the rubric
  • When you click on a point, you’ll see the point's value
  • Select as many points as you’d like to record
Double tap on a Point (even with others selected) to select and submit the Point(s)

You could click "Submit" to record your points now, but there are a few more details you can add before recording your points.


Add a Comment

Kids love receiving a positive comment from their teacher! Plus, comments can be nice to reference during Parent/Teacher conferences.

  • You can always add a comment to a point to give the point more detail
  • You can save comments and create a "bank" of frequently used comments.
  • Students and Parents can see comments on the Student and Parent Apps if your school chooses to use them
From the blog: 9 Tips for Better Comments


Change the Date or Location

Teachers juggle a lot of things; there might be a time you think of a point you forgot to give and need to record in the past. Just use the time selector in the top right corner to choose a new date and time for the point.

You can also choose where the behavior occurred if outside of the classroom, but at this time LiveSchool does not support custom locations.

You can only record points since your school's last Paycheck ran. If you need to record points past your last Paycheck, send us an email or chat us in the app! We can also turn off Paychecks so that you can record a point anytime in the past.


Submit and See Your Data Update!

When you’ve edited all of the point details, click "Submit" to record the point! You’ll notice a sound and a pop-up for the point – some students LOVE this, but you can turn off sounds or pop-ups in your settings.

You'll see the point data bubbles update on the student buttons, showing you how many points students have earned today from any teacher. You can view only points you've awarded and change the time frame of point bubbles in your settings.

And if you realized that you made an error while recording the point, you can undo the point using Timeline.