Manage Your Site (Clever)

How to create and manage students, rosters, and staff in LiveSchool if your syncing with your SIS via Clever.

Intro to LiveSchool/Clever Sync

If your LiveSchool site is syncing with Clever, that means your students, users, and rosters are being pulled from your Student Information System (SIS) into Clever, and Clever is updating LiveSchool whenever changes occur.

When you want to edit student or Teacher/Admin data in your LiveSchool account, you'll usually need to do so in your SIS, and won't be able to edit the information in LiveSchool.

LiveSchool does allow you to add manual setup data directly to LiveSchool. Let's look at a few examples:


Students will always need to be managed in your SIS. You cannot add, edit, or delete students in LiveSchool.


All of the rosters in your SIS sync with LiveSchool, but you can add rosters manually to LiveSchool as well. For example, if you have an after-school club not available in your SIS, you could create a roster in LiveSchool manually so you can select this group of students in Points.

Teachers or Admin

Your teachers and admin are also synced with your SIS; however you can add users manually, say if you have cafeteria staff you want to be able to award points for great behavior in the cafeteria, but aren't available in your SIS.

Some site management features require admin-level access. The table below provides a summary of what permissions Admins and Teachers have.


To manage your students, first go to Setup > Students.

Student List

Your student list shows you every student in your LiveSchool site, as well as their grade and current point balance. You'll also see information to help you monitor the student and their parent's usage of their LiveSchool accounts.

"Last Login," and "Parent Last Login" shows the last time the student and parent signed in to their LiveSchool account respectively, or if they've never signed in at all. The "Parents" column shows you how many of the parent codes (out of 2) have been registered to a LiveSchool account.

You'll see a column for gender as well. Currently only Male and Female are available, but please note this is not viewable to students and parents in their account.  

To add, edit, or delete a student, the changes will have to take place in your SIS.

Manage Access

Manage Access helps you assist students and parents with logging into their student and parent accounts.

If a student or parent has not created an account, you'll see their access codes when you click Manage Access, and can download an access sheet for the student and parents.

If a student or parent has created an account, clicking Manage Access allows you to see the email address the student and parents used to create their account, or you can edit their email address, and change their password if needed.

Clever Single Sign On for Students

If your school is using Clever Single Sign on for students, you'll only have access codes for parents. Students will use to sign into LiveSchool.

Student Export

If you ever need to export your list of students, their grade or point balances, or your students' and their parents' access codes, click Export in the top right.


All of the rosters available in your SIS will be available in LiveSchool, and you can create rosters manually in LiveSchool too.

You'll use the Roster Picker throughout LiveSchool to select rosters.

Roster Picker

The Roster Picker makes it easy to organize your rosters so that you're able to quickly select the group of students you need.

You'll see the Roster Picker throughout LiveSchool, always in the same spot and providing the same functionality.

Just click the Roster Picker in the top left, and you'll see your "Rosters" list, which is any roster that you've created or has been shared with you.

The Roster Picker also has a "Grades" tab, which you can use to view all of the students in each grade.

And Admins have access to a "Teachers" tab, which organizes rosters by Teacher – helpful if you ever observe or cover a class.

You can hide rosters that you use less often to keep your Rosters list clean.

And if you're seeing a long, confusing roster name from your SIS, click the 3 dots and then rename the roster to something more easily recognizable.

Admin and teachers can search for a roster as well, or search for individual students (in the top right of your screen). We want to make it as easy as possible to find and award points to students.

Managing Rosters

To get started managing rosters, first go to Setup > Rosters. Make sure to click My Rosters then All Rosters to see every roster in the school.

Creating Rosters

To create a new roster, click New Roster and name your roster. Add a last name or initials to help identify the roster if using a common name like "1st Period".

Next, click the Add Students tab in the top left corner. Select a grade or roster to pull students from for your new roster. You can switch between rosters with the down arrow, and the students you selected are remembered as you switch between rosters.

Click Add Students in the bottom right corner and you'll see a notification for how many students were added to your roster.

Teachers can also create rosters following these steps.

Add or Remove Students from a Roster

Adding and removing students uses a similar process to creating the rosters. Click Add or Remove Students and you'll be shown the current students on the roster.

You can select students on this screen and click Remove in the bottom right to remove them from the roster.

Or click the Add Students tab in the top left, select students to add to the roster, then click Add Students in the bottom right and your roster will be updated.

Editing a roster will update the roster for every teacher it is shared with.

Sharing a Roster

If you need to share a roster that you didn't create, make sure to click My Rosters and select All Rosters to view every roster in your LiveSchool site.

You can share rosters that are are syncing through Clever and that were created manually.

Click the Share this Roster button, then use the tabs at the top of this screen to choose admin and teachers with whom you'd like to share the roster.

When you click Save those teachers and admin will have access to the roster instantly.

Teachers can also share rosters they've created or that have been shared with them following these steps; however, they will only have access to rosters they created or that were shared with them when they click "All Rosters."

Admin and Teachers

You can manage your list of Admin and Teachers by going to Setup > Users.

Admin and Teachers List

You'll see all of the teachers that are in your SIS in LiveSchool; however, you can add teachers or admin manually as well.

The teachers that are syncing with your SIS will be labeled with a blue "SIS". You'll have to edit these teachers in your SIS to update their name, email, title, or permission levels (admin or teacher) in LiveSchool.

If you've added the admin or teacher manually, you can edit their title, name, email, or permission levels by clicking the pencil icon.

Add a New Teacher or Admin

You can add a new Tea∂cher or Admin by clicking New User in the top right corner.

Add the teacher or admin's information, and choose whether they should have teacher or admin permissions. When you click Add User LiveSchool will automatically send them an email to invite them to create a LiveSchool account.

The table below explains the difference between Admin and Teachers in LiveSchool.

Edit or Delete a User

If you've created a user manually, change their title, update their email address, or change a teacher's account type to Admin by clicking the pencil icon.

If this user has the blue "SIS" next to their name, update their information in your SIS in order to update LiveSchool.

When you delete a user, whether you delete them in your SIS or in LiveSchool, the points the user awarded will not be deleted, but that person will no longer be able to log in and they will not appear on your Teachers Scoreboard (more on the Teachers Scoreboard below).

Monitor Teachers' Usage

As you're launching LiveSchool, it's powerful to check in on teacher adoption so you know which teachers might need some support..

The Teachers Scoreboard (only viewable to Admin) helps you see the points all of your teachers are awarding in LiveSchool.

To get the to the Teachers Scoreboard, go to Insights > Scoreboards > Teachers.

You'll see the total positive (Merits) and negative (Demerits) points they've awarded, their ratio of positive to negative points, as well as the total points students have spent with that teacher running the Rewards Store.

Click a teacher's name to access that teacher's Dashboard. The Teacher Dashboard provides a helpful overview to understand whom teachers are awarding points to most, and for what behaviors.

You can also click any of the numbers on the Dashboard to access a pre-filtered Timeline. In the example above, we click the Liz Bates's 158 positive points, which takes us to Timeline only showing the positive points Liz Bates has awarded.

Combining the Teachers Scoreboard with Dashboards and Timeline can provide real-time information as you launch LiveSchool, helping understand how teachers are awarding points and where to direct your support.

To learn more about Dashboards and Timeline, read our Introduction to Dashboards and Timeline article.