Engage Your Students with Class Tools

All about LiveSchool's built-in tools to engage students and run systems.


Ditch the popsicle sticks with the Randomizer!

Choosing a random student can sometimes be met with “but they already had a turn!” And cold calling a student can make students feel called out. Use the Randomizer to solve both problems and select students the fair way!

The Randomizer remembers which students have already been selected; every student will be picked before a student gets a second turn.

And if you select a group of students before clicking the Randomizer, it will randomly pick a student from within that group.


Use Timer as a shot-clock in the classroom!

There are a few things you can do with Timer:

  • Choose a pre-added Timer, or create your own in increments of 15 seconds
  • Add some jeopardy-like music
  • Minimize and keep giving points as usual
  • Add 15 seconds at any time
  • Set the timer to automatically repeat for recurring classroom procedures
  • Use “Reset” to start over
Turn on the “Repeat” function and set the timer to 5 minutes. Whenever the timer goes off, look for students meeting your expectations and award points! It’s a fun and engaging way to stay positive.


LiveSchool’s Stopwatch makes it easy to time students, and continue giving points!

With Stopwatch you can:

  • Minimize and keep giving points
  • Add jeopardy-like music
  • Clear to reset back to zero
There’s a “Top Times” feature, that lets you track the top 3 shortest, or the top 3 longest times.


Test students’ PEMDAS skills – or use for quick calculations or double checking (for us non-math teachers).