Use Your Phone as A LiveSchool Remote Control

Learn about our Sync feature, and how to project LiveSchool to the class.


Log in on Your Phone/Tablet

First log in to LiveSchool on your phone or tablet.


Log in on a Device Projecting to the Class

Then log in to LiveSchool on the computer you use to project to the class (or your smartboard, smart TV, or anything with an internet browser.)


Sync Your Devices

Click sync to connect your devices. When devices are synced, everything you do in LiveSchool on one device will be “mirrored” on the other devices.


Use Your Phone as a LiveSchool Remote Control!

You can now use LiveSchool on your phone as you normally do, and it will update LiveSchool on the projector!

Use sync while you’re giving points to give students some extra recognition, or combine sync with Class Tools to make your procedures and transitions a bit more fun!