Subtract Points for Negative Behavior

Learn about the "Subtract Points for Negative Behavior" option and how it effects your data.
Only admin users can edit this setting.


About Subtract for Negative Behaviors

You can choose whether recording negative points for students will subtract from their Saved amount, a.k.a. their "bank account."

Choosing "No, Don't Subtract," allows you to document negative behavior without deducting from students' saved points. The points will still have a negative value that you'll see in your Insights reports, but you won't be deducting from the points students can spend on rewards. This is recommended for PBIS schools.

Choosing "Yes, Subtract" will deduct points from students' bank accounts, and the amount deducted is equal to the value of the point. Students and parents will see their bank accounts go down if you're using the Student and Parent Apps or Paychecks, so it is recommended to communicate to families why this is happening.

Changing this option on will only effect points in the future, and will not add to or take away from the amount students had saved before you make this change.