Signing Up Students and Parents

How teachers or admins can invite students and parents to create a LiveSchool account so they can keep up with their points in real-time.
Once students and parents have an access sheet from your school, they can create a LiveSchool account using these instructions: Get Started as a Student, Get Started as a Parent


Download Access Sheets for a Roster (or Grade)

Students and Parents must have an access sheet to sign up for LiveSchool. 

There are 3 codes on an access sheet. One code for the student, and two codes for parents or guardians.

Each code is unique and should not be shared with anyone besides the student and their parents. Each code can be used to create one LiveSchool account. 

To download Access Sheets:

  • Click the roster picker
  • Click the roster options button next to the roster you’d like to print access sheets for
  • Click Print Access Sheets
  • Choose where to save the PDF

You’ll then have a PDF with an access sheet for every student in that roster.


Pass out Access Sheets

An access sheet contains a code for the student and two codes for the parents, as well as information on creating an account.

Print out your access sheets and pass them out to your roster. Students and Parents only need one access sheet, and will be able to see points from all teachers.

You can use our Sample Access Sheet (click here for Spanish version) to explain to students where to find their and their parents’ codes.

A great way to pass out access sheets is by homeroom, so you know students aren't receiving duplicate access sheets from multiple teachers.


Introduce LiveSchool and Help Families Create Accounts

Once students and parents have a code, they can create a LiveSchool account like in the video above!

To provide more information to students and parents, you can send them these articles:

You can also send out our Parent Letter! Or click here for the Spanish Version.

With a LiveSchool account, families can access a 3 week history of their behavior including any comments they’ve received. They can also see which rewards are available in the Rewards store and how many points they have to go for each reward.