Refund a Reward

Refund a students' points if they decide they don't want a reward or a reward was purchased by mistake.
Only admin users can undo a reward. These instructions use the admin panel, which is an older portion of LiveSchool that we're working to fully incorporate into the app you use everyday.

Steps to Refund a Reward

  1. Go to the admin panel
  2. Log in with your existing username and password
  3. Click Rewards
  4. Choose Transactions - You'll see all of the points and rewards recorded in your school
  5. Search for the student who needs the reward refunded
  6. Click the red X next to the reward. This will delete the record and refund the points
You can only refund rewards purchased after your school's last Paycheck ran. If you need to refund rewards past your last Paycheck, send us an email or chat us in the app! We can also turn off Paychecks so that you can refund a reward anytime in the past.