Print Paychecks by Grade, Sorted by Homeroom or Class

How you can print your paychecks in mass and distribute them by homeroom or class.


You may want (homeroom) teachers to distribute Paychecks, but they might not have extra time to print Paychecks each week.

You can set print groups based on your rosters, print Paychecks for an entire grade, and the Paychecks will be separated with cover sheets for the print groups you set.

Setting a print group sets students' Homeroom – you'll see Homerooms listed on your House list, Points Logs, and on the Students Scoreboard Export.


Go to Setup


Go to Rosters Setup


Click the Print Group Settings on the Roster You Want to Make a Print Group

Homerooms generally make the best print groups, so that each student is receiving one Paycheck.


Make the Roster a Print Group


Choose the Paycheck Signatory

Changing the Paycheck Signatory will change which teacher shows up on the students' paychecks for that print group (below).

If your school is syncing with Clever, Paycheck Signatories are set in your Student Information System (SIS).


Print Your Paychecks By Grade

You can then print paychecks for an entire grade, and they will be organized by print group!

Steps to Print Paychecks by Grade

  1. Go to Paychecks
  2. Choose a Grade roster from the Roster Picker
  3. Select every student in the Grade using Select All
  4. Click Access PDF

A PDF will then be generated with the Paycheck of every student in that grade, with cover sheets for your print groups.