Points Data: Undo, Timeline, and Dashboards

This chapter covers undoing a point you've already recorded, and viewing your data in multiple ways!

Point Bubble Time Selector

Change the time frame for viewing students’ data bubbles, in case you want to see points for this week or the whole year so far.

You can choose to view points for:

  • Today – Today only
  • Yesterday – Yesterday only
  • This Paycheck – Since Paychecks last ran for your school
  • This week – Since Monday
  • This Month – Since the 1st of this month
  • Year to Date – All points earned since July 1st
Combine this with incentives – "students who earn more than 20 points by Friday get extra recess!"

Viewing and Undoing Points with Timeline

Steps to Undo a Point

  1. Click the View button (eye icon)
  2. Click the red X
  3. Confirm you'd like to delete the point
You can only undo points that were recorded after your last Paycheck ran. If your school is not using Paychecks, contact us and we can turn off Paychecks so you can undo any point.

Click the View button to access Timeline – a chronological list of points. 

Timeline can be filtered to help you dig into your data, and clicking the View button provides a filtered Timeline only showing points you’ve recorded for students in the roster that’s selected.

Undo any of the points you’ve recorded by clicking the red X.

You can also view Timeline filtered for a specific student – just select a student before clicking the View button. Timeline will show points for that student only, recorded by any teacher – great for getting an idea of how a student’s day is going.

Dashboard – an Overview of Points

A Dashboard provides a graph of points over time, and info on top students, behaviors, and rewards.

Click the Dashboard button to view a Roster Dashboard - an overview of the points students in the roster have earned

You can view a Student Dashboard too – showing an overview of points the student has earned from all teachers. Select the student before clicking the Dashboard button to view that Student’s Dashboard.

All of the students and behaviors on a Dashboard are clickable. Clicking a student or behavior will show you Timeline, but filtered for the student or behavior that you clicked on.