Introduction to Timeline

Understand in real-time what's happening throughout the building.

What is Timeline?

Timeline is a chronological list of each behavior or reward recorded in your school. It’s great for understanding what's happening in real-time with students and teachers throughout the building.

In this article we cover the information you see on Timeline, and ways you can filter Timeline to dig into the details of your data.

Navigate to Timeline

Timeline is one of the reporting tools in Insights.

Behavior Details

Click on a row to see more details including:

  1. The date and time the point or reward was recorded
  2. The location of the point
  3. The roster being viewed when the point or reward was recorded
  4. The value of the point or reward
  5. The type: positive, negative, or reward
  6. The name of the behavior that was recorded
  7. The student(s) who earned the point
  8. A comment, if included with the point
  9. The name and profile picture/initials of the teacher who recorded the point or reward
  10. An undo button

Filter Timeline

You can filter Timeline to see everything recorded for a specific behavior, student, teacher, or show only merits, demerits, or rewards. 

You can also combine filters, like in the example above, to see every reward purchased in a specific teacher's classroom.  

Just click on the heading of the column for what you'd like to filter. You can add multiple filters to the same column too.

Change the Time Frame

Timeline is always sorted chronologically, but you can change the time frame to view points recorded during a specific time.

Click the time selector in the top right corner and choose from one of our preset or custom time frames:

  • Today
  • This week - Points earned since Monday
  • This month - Points earned since the 1st of the month
  • Year to Date - Points earned since July 1st of last summer
  • Custom - choose specific dates, maybe to see points for a week, quarter, or semester.

Undo Points

You can undo any point you’ve recorded (admins can undo points recorded by anyone), by clicking the X next to the record on Timeline.