Get Started with Paychecks Reports

If you're new to Paychecks, start here to learn about setting the run time, printing Paychecks for your entire school, and more.

Intro to Paychecks

Paychecks (optional) are weekly reports you can send home with students to keep families in the loop on their child's behavior. Click here to download a sample Paycheck.

Family engagement is always important, and Paychecks make it easy for parents and guardians to review and discuss their child's behavior weekly.

Paychecks include an overview of the student's points for the week and graphs to show their earnings history over the past few weeks. You'll also see a list of all of the points (and comments) the student earned, and rewards they purchased over the week.

Paychecks also have a spot for the student and their parent to sign the Paycheck to show it's been reviewed, as well as "Signatory" (Ms. Stubner in the sample Paycheck) – usually a homeroom teacher.

Below we'll show you how to "Run" Paychecks so you can pass them out to your school!

Running Paychecks

"Running" Paychecks is another word for generating the Paycheck PDFs for your entire school.

At the "Runtime" that you set, LiveSchool will work in the background to compile all of a student's points, rewards, and comments that they've earned since Paychecks last ran the week before, and create a new Paycheck for each student.

It's best to set your runtime to late at night, so that all of the points from that day are included. Also, from the time Paychecks start running it can take up to an hour for Paychecks to be ready to print.

So if you'd like to pass out Paychecks on Friday, set your runtime to Thursday night!

On Friday morning, you can either have teachers print Paychecks for their homeroom or other rosters, or you can set up "Print Groups" and print Paychecks by grade.

Admin and Teachers can print Paychecks at any time, and for any previous week. However, Paychecks can only be generated at the runtime that is set for your school; you cannot run a partial week Paycheck.

Below we share how to set the Paychecks runtime, print Paychecks for a student, class, or grade.

Set the Paychecks Runtime

Generally you'll only need to set the runtime at the beginning of the year, and your Paychecks will run at the same time each week. If you'd like to change your runtime and create new reports, contact us and we'll be happy to assist.

Print Paychecks for Individual Students or a Class

From Paychecks, first select the roster for which you'd like to print Paychecks using the Roster Picker.

If you'd like to print a previous week's Paycheck, just click the Paycheck Period button in the top right and choose which week's Paycheck you'd like to print.

Select individual students, or Select All students if you'd like to print for the whole class, and click Access PDF.

You'll then have a PDF containing each student's Paycheck that you selected.

Print Paychecks By Grade

You can print Paychecks by grade using the Roster Picker as well, but to further organize your Paycheck printouts you can create "Print Groups."

Once you set print groups, you can print Paychecks by grade just like you did for a student or class (just click the "Grades" tab on the Roster Picker), and your Paycheck printouts will be organized by print groups with a page to separate each group as well.

Make a Roster a Print Group

To make a roster a print group, first go to Setup > Rosters. Choose My Rosters then All Rosters to view every roster in your LiveSchool site.

Click the printer icon to access the print group settings, and from here you can turn on the option to make this roster a print group.

Change the Paycheck Signatory

The Paycheck Signatory (Ms. Stubner) in the sample Paycheck to the right, can be changed once a Paycheck is a print group.

Click the same printer icon that you did to set the roster as a print group, and from here you can click the current Signatory to change Signatories.

Print By Grade

Back in Paychecks, you can print Paychecks just like you did for a student or roster, but select a grade from the Roster Picker.

Select All students, then click Access PDF and a PDF will be generated with a Paycheck for every student in the grade, separated by print groups.