Download a Student Dashboard

A Student Dashboard offers a "snapshot" of a student's points over a specific time period.


Go to Insights


Choose Dashboards

New to Dashboards? Don't miss our Introduction to Dashboards article!


Choose Student


Search for the Student You're Focused On


Choose the Time Frame You're Focused On

STEP 6 (Optional)

Hide Top Teachers


View All Positive or Negative Behaviors

Clicking "See All" below the top positive or negative behaviors allows you to pull up a sorted Behavior Scoreboard for the student, showing all of the behaviors the student has earned, sorted from highest to lowest.

To learn more about Scoreboards, see our Introduction to Scoreboards article.


See all Records of a Specific Behavior

Clicking the numbers next to a behavior pulls up a filtered Timeline, showing you every record of the behavior that student has earned.

To learn more about Timeline, read our Introduction to Timeline article.


Download One or Multiple Dashboards

You can download a PDF of any Dashboard you're viewing by clicking the orange "Access PDF" button in the bottom right corner.

You can also batch print Student Dashboards – and print a Student Dashboard for every student in a roster, grade, or your whole school.

Steps to Batch Print Student Dashboards

  1. Go to a Student Dashboard (Insights > Dashboards > Student)
  2. Select the time frame you're focused on
  3. Choose whether you'd like to show or hide top teachers
  4. Click "Access PDF"

You can then choose whether to print Student Dashboards for:

  • Just (Student Name) – Only that student
  • Roster/Grade – Every student in the roster or grade
  • All Students – Every student in your school