Creating, Sharing, and Updating Rosters

Group your students into the rosters you see everyday, and share your rosters with other teachers.
Students are automatically added to grade rosters when they're added to LiveSchool.

Creating a New Roster


Name and Create Your Roster

Go to Setup, choose "Rosters", click “New Roster”, add a name, then create your roster!

You might want to add your last name to your roster so it’s easier to identify (and so there aren't multiple "1st period" rosters).


Add Your Students

Click “Add Students” in the top left, choose a roster or grade to pick your students from, then select the students you want to add to your roster.

You can select from multiple rosters, and your students will remain selected.

Click add students in the lower right corner, and you’ll see a notification letting you know the students have been added.

That’s it! Repeat these steps for any rosters you want to create, and you’ll be able to access them on the Roster Picker!

Sharing a Roster

Steps to Share a Roster

  1. Go to Setup
  2. Choose "Rosters"
  3. Click the “Share this Roster” button on the roster you’d like to share.
  4. Choose which teachers or admins you’d like to share the roster with.
  5. Click “Save” and those teachers/admins will have access to the roster!

The rosters you create are automatically added to your "Rosters" list on the Roster Picker. But if you see the same roster of students as other teachers, the teacher that created the roster can share it with whoever needs access so no one has to duplicate the roster. Sharing a roster will add that roster to the "Rosters" list on the Roster Picker of the person you shared the roster with.

Anyone who has access to the roster can share, update, or rename the roster.

Add or Remove Students from Rosters

Adding or removing students from a roster updates the roster for everyone that the roster is shared with.

Steps to Add or Remove Students from a Roster

  1. Go to Setup,
  2. Choose "Rosters"
  3. Click the “Add or remove students” button, and you’ll see the same screen you used to create your roster. 

To remove students

  • Select students and click “Remove”

To add students

  • Click "Add Students" in the top left
  • Select a roster to pick students from
  • Select the students and click “Add Students” in the lower right corner
Rename a roster on the Roster Picker.

Updating Grade Rosters

To change which grade roster a student belongs to, you can edit each student and set a new grade, or send us a spreadsheet with students' new grades.

Grade rosters are "locked" and cannot be updated. To view all students in a grade, you can use the Roster Picker, and to change which grade roster a student appears in edit the student and change their grade.