Create Your Behavior Rubric

The behavior rubric just might the most important part of your points system. Learn how to create your rubric and customize it to your school.
Only admin users can edit the behavior rubric.


Go to the "Edit Rubric" Screen

When an admin user updates the rubric, it updates in real-time for everyone at the school. You do not have to “save” or “publish” the Rubric for the changes to take effect. 


Starting Fresh

LiveSchool comes pre-loaded with an example rubric, but you can clear it out by clicking the red “X” on the Category names and deleting the three categories.


Create a New Category

Creating a new category allows you to create a new group of behaviors. In our Insights data reports, you can view data for a whole category of behaviors.

Categories are sorted alphabetically, or add a number in front of the category name to sort categories numerically.

Keep in mind that everyone will be able to hide/show categories while recording points.


Add a New Behavior

Creating a new behavior updates all teachers’ and admins’ rubrics, and it will be a new point you can view in your data.


Set the Behavior Name

You can name a behavior whatever you’d like. This will be the name of the point on the rubric, and in your Insights reports. 

Behaviors are sorted alphabetically in each category, or you can add a number before the behavior name to sort them numerically.


Set the Behavior Type

You can set points to be both positive and negative, or just one or the other.

Since you can clearly track when students are or are not on time, you might make “Being on Time” Positive/Negative.

But you might not want to give negatives for “Outstanding Participation,” so you could make that Positive Only.

Keep in mind that you have the option of subtracting points for negative behavior, but this is turned off by default.


Set the Point Value

LiveSchool supports any Point value from 0-999.

If there are certain behaviors your school is focused on reinforcing, make those behaviors worth more points so students earn extra for following those expectations.

STEP 8 (Optional)

Set Behavior Notifications

You can send email notifications to any LiveSchool user at your school each time a certain behavior is recorded. Notifications are generally used for negative behaviors that need immediate attention, like office referrals or bullying.


Complete your Rubric! 🎉

Repeat steps 3-8 until your rubric contains all your school’s categories and behaviors! Congratulations, you’re ready to start recording points!