Create Houses You've Already Sorted

Add each student to a House roster, then link the roster to House Points.
To create custom sorted Houses, you'll first need to create rosters for each of your Houses, then link them to House Points. Learn how below!

Create House Rosters


Go to Setup


Click into Rosters Setup


Add a New Roster

STEPS 4 & 5

Name and Create your Roster

STEP 6, 7, & 8

Add Your Students

Steps to Add Students

  1. Go to the Add Students screen
  2. Select your students
  3. Click add students in the bottom right corner
Repeat Steps 3-8 for all of the Houses you'd like to create. You can create up to 12 houses.

Link Rosters to House Points


Return to the Main Menu

Steps 10 and 11 feature screenshots from our old app. In the new experience, navigate to House Points from the main menu and start at step 12.


Click Insights


Go to House Points


Go to House Setup


Choose "I've set up my House rosters"


Click "Add a House"


Search for your House Roster


Repeat These Steps For Your Other Houses

You'll see the roster you just searched for created as a House. The House name will be the same as the roster name, but you can change the House name (and what appears on the House Dashboard).