Change When Paychecks Run Each Week

Determine the day and time that paychecks run, so they're ready to print on the day you want to distribute.
Only admin users can change when Paychecks run.

About Running Paychecks

It's best to run Paychecks at night, so that all of the points from that day are included. Paychecks can also take up to an hour to generate, so setting Paychecks to run at night ensures they're ready to print in the morning. So if you'd like to pass out Paychecks on Friday, run Paychecks on Thursday night!

Changing the Day and time Paychecks Run

Your next Paychecks will run on the day and at the time that you choose.

Paychecks cover a full week – you cannot set a start and end time (for example Monday through Friday) as this could cause data to be missed. If a teacher recorded points on the weekend, but your Paychecks ran Monday – Friday, students wouldn't see those points on their Paycheck.